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Offshore companies are a low cost and fast way to start a business. They provide multiple advantages in terms of tax saving or optimization, asset protection, privacy and more. They can also be used as holding company for investment purposes.  As an example, an offshore company can be used to serve as a parent company when setting up a company in Shenzhen or China, to receive profits realized completely tax-free.


For clients operating in mainland China, Hong Kong is usually the preferred location for setting up an offshore company, due to its solid international image,  its geographical proximity and the fact that Hong Kong is a special administration region of China. Hong Kong has a low corporate tax rate, a business friendly government and free capital markets.


Other than Hong Kong, we can also assist in registering offshore companies in the following jurisdictions:


-Marshall Islands



-Cayman Islands

-Saint Vincent and the Grenadines







-United Kingdom

-United States


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